Fabio Falchi, contributor of the review “Eurasia. Rivista di Studi Geopolitici” has been interviewed by Manuel Ochsenreiter about the political movement “5 stars”, which...

USA: is payments default the answer?

The recent economic crisis seems not to have depleted its effects: the United States are now dealing with a very prominent scenario: the declaration...


Yes to nuclear power. More than a slogan. In Italy this appears to be a declaration of war right now. Yet, this is the...

Abkhazia, complete trust in Sergej V. Bagapsh

Abkhazia has long ago chosen its own direction, and the public reliance towards the current leadership is an important resource to rule this very particular country. Indeed, Abkhazia will soon clarify the main targets of its economic development, focusing especially on tourism and agronomy. Today, thanks to the improved political stability, there seems to be all the requirements for highly profitable investments, as stated in these days Christina Ozgan, the local Minister of Economy. For a long time, regional conflicts and international tensions have hampered the development of an extremely varied landscape which proved to be very interesting for different business initiatives. But today, in sight of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, few miles from the Abkhazian border, Sergej Bagapsh and his government could show to the international community the reality of a finally resurrected Abkhazia.

"Social and Economic Effects of Modernization"

The report is made on the initiative of the Member of the Committee on Banks and Banking of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Chairman of the Board of the Millennium Bank, Mikhail Baydakov, under the scientific leadership of the Director of the Schiffers Institute for Advanced Research, Prof. Yury Gromyko and of the Economist and Member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian journal “La Finanza”, Paolo Raimondi.

After Wikileaks "scandals": The western plot failed and Italy-Russia cooperation boost

Despite the huge means put in place to sabotage the relations between Italy and Russia, in particular through the piloted "scandal" of Wikileaks and then attempting to overthrow the government of Silvio Berlusconi — which I discussed in a recent article — the efforts of Westerners/Atlantists do not seem to have been successful so far. Although in Italy, in parliament and in the mass media, there is a wide and heterogeneous odd assortment of forces hostile to Russia that have their reference points in Washington, London and Tel Aviv, 2010 ended with an extremely positive balance for the ties between Italy and Russia.

Russia and Europe: Topical Issues of Contemporary International Journalism

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE «Russia and Europe: Topical Issues of Contemporary International Journalism» Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry and Federal Communications Agency are organizing a conference, «Russia and Europe:...


The Italian vote has provided the most unexpected outcome. The center-left coalition has lost its big chance to obtain a relevant victory by taking...

Italy has already lost its Libyan war

Whatever will be the outcome of this conflict, Italy has already lost its Libyan campaign. Our governors, mindful of the worst national speciality, celebrated the 150 years of unity with a glaring about-face toward Libya. Not only the honour and reputation are at peril though. The oil furniture and orders, however the conflict will end, will probably go, most of them if not all, from the Italian hands to other countries.

Wikileaks, the Italy-Russia relations and the attempt of "colored revolution" in Italy

Tuesday, 14th December have been rejected the two no-confidence motions (one in the senate, or upper house, one in the chamber of deputies) against the Berlusconi government. The no-confidence motions were submitted by the two main opposition parties, but the leader of the revolt is Gianfranco Fini, speaker of the chamber and former main ally of Berlusconi. Fini, who was the co-founder of the centre-right party PdL (The People of Freedom, Italian: Il Popolo della Libertà), together with Berlusconi, and allied with Lega Nord in the government, is known for his strongly pro-American and pro-Israel views.
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