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Groundwater resources:  Indo-Italian workshop

The workshop will be held on October 20, 2010 in Nagpur, India, at Neeri (National environmental engineering research institute) and it is expected to draw about 100 experts from Cnr-Italy as well as from different agencies in India working on the groundwater field.

Human development and population growth exert many and diverse pressures on the quality and quantity of water resources and access to them. During the past few decades the stress on the availability of water is growing and its quality is deteriorating. The water resources sector is presently encountering a series of interlinked issues which if not dealt in totality may prove to have serious ramifications in the long run. Population explosion, unpredictable rainfall pattern, natural calamities and climate change further affect water resources. It is common knowledge that there is no life without water. The reference is not just water but safe water.

The strategic objectives of the summit are to deliberate on the sustainability of the use of the ground water resources both from the quality as well as quantity aspect.  Scientists will present the techniques as well as case studies pertaining to the themes.

The side table on waste disposal and environmental pollution will deliberate on the impact of domestic and hazardous waste disposal on the soil and groundwater pollution.

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