Interviewed by IRNA (Press Agency of Iran) on the recent events in Egypt, Tiberio Graziani, Director of “Eurasia. Italian Journal of Geopolitics” and president of IsAG – Institute of High Studies in Geopolitics and Auxiliary Sciences, stated the following:

“The situation in Egypt and the rest of North Africa is very complicated and confused, especially in Tunisia and Algeria.

From the geopolitical point of view, the current destabilization leads to two hypothetical and opposite perspectives.

One of them is the view carried by the mass media and Western analysts that see as possible a democratic solution in accordance with the dictates of the U.S. – based mentality of the West and therefore the evolution could be a laicist one, that is to say a non-Islamic people’s protest.

If this scenario were to come true, as of course Washington and Tel Aviv hope, the direct consequence would be a disastrous one for the entire Middle East, since there would be a militarization of the area in the interest of the U.S. (which is anchored on Camp Bondsteel, Africom, Centcom) until a further expansion of their “special regional partner” , Israel and a process of fragmentation of the region would start with the beginning of the partition of Sudan.

The economic, political and institutional weakening would oblige the successors of Mubarak to follow blindly the instruction from Washington, making therefore Egypt a vassal of the U.S.

The other option, which would be closer to the interests of the people and countries of the Near and Middle East, is the one that could be achieved if the emerging regional powers, Turkey of Erdoğan – Gül – Davutoğlu and the Islamic Republic of Iran, adopted an international role as reference to the ongoing protests. In this case, the influences that are external to the geopolitical unit, that is to say Mediterranean and the Middle East would be balanced and contained. ”

(Translated by Eleonora Ambrosi)

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