«Russia and Europe: Topical Issues of Contemporary International Journalism»

Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry and Federal Communications Agency are organizing a conference, «Russia and Europe: Topical Issues of Contemporary International Journalism».

Globalization is one of the most important tendencies in the development of our communities. Integration and unification of multitudes of social processes, from politics and economics to culture and even religion, are happening on vast scales and cannot be ignored. For this reason, the topic of global processes is increasingly becoming a subject of discussion and scientific research.

Rapid developments in the telecommunications sector in the past decade have significantly contributed to this process. We are now facing a new information-aware society formed by a number of both legacy and new delivery instruments that include mobile communications, Web and social networks. These developments inevitably affected Mass Media, continuously introducing major disruptions into established processes.

Journalism, and particularly international journalism, continues to perform a significant part in the practices of mass communications. It is continuously forced to adapt to changing conditions imposed by the factors described. Information delivery methods, international standards, legal and ethical best practices that regulate work of professionals in this field are all coming to the forefront.
Main topics of the conference will be discussed in the format of round tables. Topics will include:
· National interests and international journalism
· Access to information issues experienced by media representatives in Russia and in Europe
· Part Mass media plays in international relations and the effect it has on them
· International journalism: international law and common ethical best standards

Effective approaches to examine these questions require consolidated effort of scientists, practiotioners, journalists and various other affected parties. This is what the conference « Russia and Europe: Topical Issues of Contemporary International Journalism » is designed to address.
The conference will be opened by João Soares, President Emeritus of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Member of Parliament in Portugal and Armen Oganessian, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Mezhdunarodnaya zhizn” (“International life”).

Among conference participants are: Marek Halter, French novelist, director of the French College in Moscow and St.Petersburg; professor Dr. Heitor Romana, Associate Professor, School of Political and Social Sciences, Technical University of Lisbon; Henrikas Iouchkiavitchious, Assistant Director General of UNESCO; Prof. (FH) Dr. Anis H. Bajrektarevic, Acting Deputy Director of Studies EXPORT EU–ASEAN–NAFTA, Professor and Chairperson, International Law and Global Political Studies, University of Applied Sciences IMC–Krems; George Protopapas, Research Associate – Media Analyst, Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS); Tiberio Graziani, Editor-in-Chief, Eurasia. Rivista di Studi Geopolitici; Piotr Fedorov, Head of Foreign Relations at VGTRK, Michael Peters, managing director of EuroNews etc, .

Conference will take place November 24-25 in Radisson Blu Ambassador Hotel, Paris Opera, Paris, France.

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